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What Off-Season?

Posted by todd on October 8, 2013

Looking back, I used to think that the 3-4 month timeframe between October and February was the "off-season" for my fishing schedule.  Boy has that changed over the past few years!  I get alot of calls and messages asking what I'm up to in my "off-season" since I'm not fishing tournaments.  The life of a professional bass fisherman rarely sees down time or an off-season, and that fact I'm learning very quickly.

The Bass Dr. tv show is going well and we currently have 8 out of our 13 episodes filmed for the 2014 airings.  I still have two trips planned in October and November to wrap up the first season for the show.  Most recently, we traveled a few hours west to fish Newton Lake - a power plant lake in Central Illinois that is a trophy fishery.  The water temps were in the upper 80's still, and the fish were in their late summer patterns, but the lake still produced.  After that, I jumped in the truck and drove south to Kentucky Lake to film a show with my brother, Troy.  He's in the middle of the process of securing sponsorship to fish the 2014 FLW Tour, so this day on the lake was a welcome break for both of us.  We caught over 100 fish in about 5 hours, and I can't think of a more fun time I've had fishing in a while!  It's been a long-time dream of both of ours to fish the FLW Tour alongside each other, and it appears that reality is coming closer to fruition.  Hopefully you will hear an announcement from him in the next few weeks.

Even though I've been on the road quite a bit this fall, it's also the time of year to start to focus on the body.  I've been in the gym 3-4 days/week regularly, and I'm starting to feel the effects in a positive way.  More importantly, we're making some crucial adjustments to our diet and cutting out alot of foods that have no positive nutritional value.  My endurance and strength are both improved.  Did I mention I turned 37 years old a few weeks ago?

It's also the time of year to focus on equipment.  My old boat, yes it was built in 2005, is finally sold and I am moving into a new boat/motor for the 2014 season.  With that comes ordering new Power-Poles, Lowrance electronics, and getting the boat rigged exactly the way I want it for the next season, which starts in about 90 days.  It's also the time of year to inventory tackle and start to organize boxes for next year's schedule.  It looks like I'll be fishing the FLW Tour and the Everstart Centrals. 

Last, but certainly not least, it's a time of year to focus on the family.  My boys are both involved in sports this fall, and it's been refreshing to watch them grow and mature.  Hunter is 9 and is really making strides on the swim team, while Hayden is 6 and is falling in love with football.  Just being home with them and my wife is something to cherish and soak up.  We've gotten to see the extended family quite a bit too, which has been welcomed.  In the blink of an eye, the 2014 FLW Tour season will be here and we'll be on the road. 

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that there are no guarantees in this life.  Each day from God is a gift.