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So You Want to be a TV Star?

Posted by todd on September 10, 2013

Most of you have read by now that I recently agreed to host a new WFN tv show called the "Bass Dr."  How crazy!  Just two short years ago, I can remember finishing the Everstart Central division at Table Rock, qualifying for the 2012 FLW Tour.  It was at that time that many of my fishing aspirations started to become realities - but never did I envision hosting a tv show! 

This project has been about 13 months in the works, and many obstacles and hurdles were cleared to get to this point.  WFN informed us that we have to deliver 8 finished episodes by November 1 - so we've already been hard at work on the water and in the studio, even in the hottest and toughest fishing months of the year.  Up to this point, I've only seen the raw footage of those shows - I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the final product.

My goal is to make the shows entertaining and fun, while helping the viewer to learn some of the most basic and some of the most complex techniques for catching bass.  We have a great lineup of guests for each show, and we've enlisted the help of an award-winning videographer and producer to be the magic makers in the studio.  My nickname when I played college and professional baseball was "Doc," so I guess it's fitting that the show's name is called the "Bass Dr."

It's been an exciting but anxious time with it being my first experience ever hosting a show.  There are so many things involved in order to create a good show, it's hard to begin to explain.  But let me tell you, I'm not complaining one bit - I'm blessed.  I'm looking forward to sharing these episodes with you on WFN.  We're also looking at an online network to place each episode online for anyone to view. 

You never know what the future may hold.  With God, all things are possible.