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Pickwick Everstart Re-Cap

Posted by todd on May 8, 2013

Any tournament on the Tennessee River catches my eye when the schedules are announced, and Troy and I were looking forward to this event at Pickwick.  Mother Nature threw the field for a loop when the lake came up as much as 3-4 feet above normal pool, flooding acres of shallow cover and scattering out alot of the fish.  Troy was fishing his 2nd event as a Pro, and it's been great working with him together on the water.

With three days of practice, we were able to put together a couple of different patterns to cover both shallow and deep.  I really felt that one of us would make a run at winning this event after seeing several 5-7 pound class fish in practice.  Mother Nature threw us another curve ball when winds of 20-30 mph blew on both tournament days, severely hampering our ability to fish the river ledges in an exposed area of the lake.  I was able to scramble up 20-07 on Day 1, with a combination of deep and shallow fish.  My deep fish came off of river ledges with a Castaic Swimbait, while the shallow fish were all victims of the River Rat Tackle 1/2 Southern Series Arkey Jig.  I had two Elite Rods custom made by Dan Bowman for this event and for the remaining Tour schedule, and let me tell you, they lived up to the hype.  They are super-light, super-sensitive, and they will definitely play a role in my success going forward.  Troy was right on my heels on Day 1 with almost 20 pounds as well, leaving us both sitting in the Top 15 with a chance to make the cut.  We just needed to do it again and hope the weather would allow us to fish offshore a bit more. 

Day two saw increased winds and forced me to spend most of my day shallow.  I missed a few key opportunities that ultimately cost me a check and possibly making the cut.  I weighed in 14-00, while Troy weighed 15-09 - leaving us in 22nd and 23rd place.  The real bummer was the fact that there was a very low boat turnout for this event, coupled with the fact that FLW has changed the payout structure which only paid down 21 places.  Below is a re-cap of my set-ups at Pickwick that delivered:

Swimbait Setup
7'6" MH Elite Rod, 6:1 Bass Pro Qualifier reel, 15# fluorocarbon, 3/4 oz. jighead, 5" and 7" Castaic Jerky J Swimbait (Baby Bass, Green Shad)

Jig Setup
7'6" H Custom Elite Rod, 7:1 Bass Pro Qualifier reel, 17# fluorocarbon, 1/2 River Rat Tackle Southern Series Arkey Jig (Always True, Dark GP/Blue)


Next up is Eufaula for our 4th of 6 FLW Tour Events.  I'm sitting in 47th in the points, while the Top 35 qualify for the Forrest Wood Cup in August.  I need to continue to work my way back up and a Top 50 at Eufaula will be important.  It's my first trip there, but I like what I see so far in my pre-tournament research. 

Please keep my family in your prayers, as I have three close family members battling with their own individual health concerns.  As always, I appreciate your well-wishes, encouragement, and prayers when I'm on the road.  Until next time, God Bless!