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My Friend DJ Smith wins at Kentucky Lake!

Posted by todd on May 13, 2012

My good friend DJ Smith just won the first tournament he has ever entered in and is now the 2012 Everstart Central Kentucky Lake Co-Angler Champion!  He won a new Ranger boat to take his two boys fishing with in the years to come, and I'm super happy for him!  I got to watch the weigh-in on flwlive.com from the road, on my way to the Potomac to start practice. 

DJ was able to land consistent limits each of the three days and slowly moved up the leaderboard.  He practiced with me the week leading up to the event and soaked up every piece of information he could to get himself acquainted with Kentucky Lake and the competition format.  Don't be fooled, he's a former college athlete, a stand-out sales professional, and he knows how to compete and win.  It's just that I've never met someone that won the first event they fished, especially at the AAA-level.  What an accomplishment - way to go DJ!

DJ also took my advice and picked up a pair of Gone Fishing sunglasses earlier in the spring.  That move won him an additional $500 in Wear It To Win It contingency money.  Not a bad week at the office.....