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Lake Eufaula FLW Tour Re-Cap

Posted by todd on May 21, 2013

Eufaula was the 4th of 6 stops on the FLW Tour and a pivotal event in getting in line to make the Top 35 in the points and qualifying for the Forrest Wood Cup.  I finished in 13th and moved up to 31st in the points with two events to go.  It was a great week and more than I expected!  My mother and grandmother made the trip down to see my great uncle who lives in Eufaula, and each day they would greet me at take-off and at weigh-in.  It means the world to have such a great support system and have so many people pulling for me when I'm on the road.

Having never been to Eufaula, I studied hard on the lake's seasonal patterns and areas that typically produce.  I ran into some early grass bites in practice, along with some offshore patterns, and another that included sight fishing for late spawning bass.  The lake was being stingy, and I only got 5-7 bites each da, most of which came from different areas and using different techniques every day.  The one thing I've learned in fishing the Tour the past two years is that you must be able to adapt each and every day, and I did that at Eufaula.

I was fortunate to make the Top 20 cut for the second straight event, and I'm starting to feel like I'm hitting my stride now that the spawn, post-spawn events have arrived.  I'm looking forward to Grand Lake and Chickamauga in the weeks to come.  Below is a re-cap of the set-ups I used at Eufaula to make the cut:

-Finesse Gear: 6'6" MH Spinning Rod, 10# fluorocarbon, River Rat Tackle Mousetail Worm 6.0 in green pumpkin, junebug, watermelon

-Frog Gear:  7'2" Heavy Bulldawg Rod, 65# braid, Reaction Strike Revolution Frog in multiple colors

-Spinnerbait Gear: 7' Heavy Rod, 15# Fluorocarbon, Red Dirt Baits 3/4 and 1oz double willow white

-Bladed Jig Gear: 7" MH Elite Rod, 15# Fluorocarbon, 3/8 Red Dirt Baits Shaky Shad white

-Swim Jig Gear: 7'6" Heavy Elite Rod, 20# Fluorocarbon, 1/4 and 3/8 River Rat Tackle Swim Jig and trailer, white and green pumpkin