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Guntersville Top 5 Patterns

Posted by admin on February 6, 2017

hollowell_original_650x650.jpgTodd Hollowell rounds out the top five with 20 pounds, 12 ounces. Hollowell was in the last flight, giving him nearly 10 hours to fish, and his bite count for the day was only five.

“I didn’t even have my first bite until noon,” he says. “And from there it was just one here and one there.” Hollowell did say he worked in some bridge fishing, which helped. “The problem with that whole bridge deal is it’s such a timing thing,” he says. “If I can find an empty stretch on a bridge at the right time, I can get a bite, but it takes time to sort of look and wait for the right opportunity. So I did put a few bridges in the mix. But I also caught a nice one off a dock. So it’s really just junk-fishing for me, and the long day helped with that.” > read more