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Get In the Zone Quicker

Posted by todd on November 12, 2013

Get in the Zone Quicker

Maximize Your Casting Distance and Time in the Strike
Zone When Fishing Deep

If you are like some shallow river rats, it can be painful to fish 20+ feet deep and think about all of he time wasted while watching your bait is sinking to the bottom. Well, the fact is, at certain times of the year and on certain bodies of water, fishing deep isn’t just an option – it’s a necessity for you to put fishin the boat.

This Prescription of the Week offers up three essential tips for maximizing
your casting distance and the time your bait spends in the strike zone when you
are fishing deep. 

First, make sure you are using a long rod – one that will allow you to make
super long casts.  When I’m fishing deep swimbaits, I favor the Bulldawg Rod BD711HC, which is a 7’11” Heavy rod that was designed specifically for swimbaits and umbrella rig-type lures.  It features the new Microwave Guide System designed by the late Doug Hannon and the American Tackle Company, which won the Best New Fishing Accessory Product award at the 2013 ICAST show.  These new guides not only increase your distance, but increase your accuracy too.

Next, a common mistake I see weekend anglers make is that they use monofilament line when fishing deep structure.  Monofilament and braided line both float and work against your bait which is trying to get to the bottom.  Make sure you are using a quality fluorocarbon, like Vicious Elite Fluorocarbon, because it sinks and helps to get your bait to the bottom and stay in the strike zone faster.  Not only that, but it has low-stretch properties that allow you to feel your bait with increased sensitivity – AND it’s invisible to the fish.

Last, fluorocarbon line tends to dry out over time – so it’s important to use a line conditioner like Reel Magic.  Apply it before you start your day and once more about halfway through your day, andyou will notice that your casts are smoother and achieve greater distances. 

Using the right rod, combined with the right line that is well conditioned will help you make longer casts and keep your bait in the strike zone longer.  See you on the water!