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FLW Tour - Lake Hartwell Wrap-Up

Posted by todd on March 10, 2012

Traveling home today from Lake Hartwell and reflecting on a great week in South Carolina.  I finished 32nd after a solid limit on Day 2 weighing 12 pounds, 5 ounces.  I have to say that I'm pleased and feeling great about getting the first Tour event under my belt.  It was great to see the young Indiana pros have a great showing in the first event, and I was excited to see Allen Boyd make the Top 20 cut.

I went into the event knowing that Lake Hartwell was down 8-9 feet and that a lot of the shoreline cover was out of the water.  This made the deep trees, ditches, and the shallow docks about the only cover the fish had - so I chose to focus on those in the clearer and deeper part of the lake where I'm most comfortable.  I was able to catch a few fish early fishing from 30-60 feet deep, and then I was running a shallow dock pattern as the day went on, searching for bigger females that were looking to pull up to spawn.  I used multiple techniques and ways to catch fish, and Hartwell really lends itself to guys fishing their strengths with multiple options. The Alabama Rig was not a player for me at this event, although my co-angler caught two fish on it on Day 2.

Here's a recap of my set-ups:


  • Dropshot Gear - 6'9" M rod, 10# fluorocarbon, River Rat Tackle prototype dropshot baits and Roboworms (wat/purple, green pumpkin), 1/0 dropshot hook
  • Jig Gear - 7'11" MH rod, 7:1 reel, 15# fluorocarbon, River Rat Tackle football jig (green pumpkin/purple), green pumpkin trailer
  • Spoon Gear - 7' MH rod, 7:1 reel, 20# fluorocarbon, 3/4 white and nickel spoons
  • Alabama Rig Gear - 8' H rod, 6:1 reel, 65# braid, Castaic A-Rig, 3.5" Castaic Jerky J Swim (albino)


  • Jig Gear - 6'10" MH rod, 7:1 reel, 15# fluorocarbon, River Rat Tackle 3/8 oz. jig (green pumpkin/orange), green pumpkin trailer
  • Jerkbait Gear - 6'0" M rod, 6:1 reel, 12# fluorocarbon, Reaction Strike XRM 100 and Lucky Craft Pointer (ghost minnow, ayu)
  • Scrounger Gear - 6'9" MH rod, 6:1 reel, 12# fluorocarbon, 1/2 Scrounger Head, Zoom Fluke (albino)
  • Spinnerbait Gear - 6'6" MH rod, 7:1 reel, 15# fluorocarbon, Red Dirt Baits 3/8 oz. spinnerbait (white/chart colorado/indiana blades)

Table Rock is up next, and I'm looking forward to getting back there after an 11th place finish there last fall in the Everstart Central.  It's another lake that has big spotted bass, along with smallmouth and largemouth.  I'm guessing you will see some really big fish caught there - it's a great lake.

Until then, I'll be catching up at the office with insurance quotes this week and spending some quality time with Becca and the boys.  This coming week, I'll be heading down to Knoxville and Bristol to bring the Red Gold boat and help represent them at the Food City Race Nights leading up to the Bristol 500.  That should be a fun time! 
Thanks for all of the support, encouragement, and prayers this week!