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FLW Tour - Beaver Lake Wrap-Up

Posted by todd on April 28, 2012

I'm not exactly sure where to start this journal, as I'm still scratching my head.  Coming out of practice, I thought I could catch 9-11#/day and it just didn't happen.  What I haven't learned to understand is how the Ozarks lakes can change so quickly and how you have to adapt with conditions and I didn't do a good job of that this week.

I was finesse fishing this week and got on a solid bite in practice, with most days producing 10-20 keepers using River Rat Tackle shaky heads.  For whatever reason my areas just didn't produce and I can't explain it.  Maybe I picked the wrong areas, maybe I should have fished differently.  Either way, we learn lessons from mistakes and I'm still sorting through this one.

I'm off to Kentucky Lake for the Everstart event and am looking forward to that.  It almost feels like a homecoming when we go there, and it will be great to spend a week with my family there and one of my best friends who will be fishing the Everstart as a co-angler.

I'm ready to put Beaver behind me.  Hopefully I didn't slide too far down in the points race, but I'm sure I'll have some making up to do at the Potomac.