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Angler's Dream Championship - 2nd win in 3 years

Posted by todd on September 24, 2012

I'm just getting back from Kentucky Lake, where my partner Kenny Phillips and I were blessed with a great week and a closely contested win in the 2012 Angler's Dream Championship.  We made a quick stop on our way back to way in and landed on a school of fish, catching fish after fish for 20 minutes.  That good fortune allowed us to cull our weight up an additional pound and made the difference in finishing 1st instead of 2nd. 

Fishing is all about making decisions.  Sometimes they are the right ones and you are rewarded.  Other times, they are the wrong ones and you pay for it.  I've experienced plenty of both this year, but at the end of the season I try to focus on why they ended up they way they did.  In reality, we compete with another living creature whose habits we don't completely understand - so sometimes why things happen don't exactly make sense.  What I have learned over the course of this season is that things turn out much better when you focus on your strengths and do what you do best. 

Even though it was my rookie year on the FLW Tour, I'm starting to feel like a tournament veteran.  Hopefully I can learn as much as possibly from my experiences in 2012 to keep moving forward.  This year certainly made me realize that I can compete with the best in the business, and I'm looking forward to seeing the 2013 FLW Tour schedule already.

I'm talking with my sponsors right now, and am confident that we can come to terms to continue our relationships with all of my exisiting sponsors.   Most importantly, we've had a great year marketing for Red Gold and we have a couple of important events coming up including Red Gold's Crush Hunger 5K and Chili Cook-Off.  It's good to be home with the family, as the boys have both started back to school.